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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 12, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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right now the rain is finally gone, but strong winds are moving here. here's a live look from center city, the ben franklin parkway drying out but some damaging gusts just a few away. good evening, i'm ian page and i'm lucy nolan. that wind isn't the only thing that we have to worry about. we are about to see temperatures take a big old dive. we're talking about a winter-like feel over the weekend and temperatures are going to continue to fall. skies are beginning to clear and we have a stiff wind. an air of low pressure over the great lakes and this wind is going to push right through the region. we'll see some tropical storm gusts by tomorrow afternoon.
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ultimate doppler showing the rain is gone and the skies are clearing and it will be the friend overnight. temperatures in the 40s and 50s, even 6 # in wildwood, that will change quickly. during the overnight hours winds will become out of the west, southwest at about 27 miles an hour. gusting in wrightstown to 30 miles an hour and then proteusing out of the west in philadelphia, even by the 6:00 hour. overnight the skies will clear, the temperatures will fall and we will see the winds gusting picking up over 30 miles an hour. temperatures falling right into the 40s, but it gets much cooler over the weekend. we'll talk about how cold it gets in your seven-day forecast. questions tonight about the man charged in yesterday's car jacking that ended when a heroic gas station worker broke up the crime and saved the victim. should the accused suspect be in jail already.
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disturb ting new details. >>reporter: we know the accused in this most recent case, 33 year old gnathal and rodriquez has a criminal recordment he was a us peck in an armed robbery in philadelphia that took place late last week, a crime that they felt they could pin on rodriquez, but they needed approval from the district attorney's office. it was back to business as usual at the gas station. but man sink was still buzzing aboutç playing good samaritan e other morning. customer is my goal. you're willing to risk your life to protect the customer. >> no, my life, only the customer life is very important. it's my duty. sing acted fast, confronting a suspected car jacker as he forced his victim, a pennsylvania hospital doctor to withdraw money from the station store's atm. 40 year old nathaniel rod rig
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yes, sir was later caught by police. that begs the question, why he was on the street in the first place. a philadelphia source tells fox 29 that detectives asked for an arrest office for rodriquez from the district attorney's office on monday before that doctor was car jacked. turns out the victim of an armed robbery last friday not far away from the car jacking identified rodriquez from a photo lineup. a spokesman for the da tells us that request for a warrant was denied based on quote, insufficient evidence. but when rodriquez was arrested and charged with the wednesday car jacking and he was also charged with last friday's robbery. what about last week's incident changed, the da spokesman reached at home and without access to court documents says only that rodriquez confessed to more than one incident. so he could not say for sure that the confession bolstered last friday's case. man veer's boss is praising his employee's her wrist many but says of rodriquez, he should
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have been bars before this crime. > the doctor was badly injured, nor the friday victim nor the victim in friday's incident. nor the good spar contain cashier. yet the question remains, the question still open, could nathaniel rodriquez been taken off the street prior to yesterday's incident. > thank you very much. the city of philadelphia is putting up $20,000 for information that leads tot arrest and conviction of a center city killer. here is a surveillance video of the man police are looking for they say on september 24 he stabbed a 47 year old man in the chest near a septa bus stop at broad and arch streets. that man died at the hospital. a man montgomery county underway in chester tonight. police say under correspond nature the couldic officers were trying to stop an suv at tenth and grace this afternoon when the driver panicked and sped of on. he hit a police car an officer still inside. the officers with haven't hurt and the chase was on until the
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driver baled from the suv. he is still on the lose, but police say they know who he is. an enormous turnaround for a south jersey year. for more than a year they fought their daughter's school so she could use medical marijuana while on campus. they are he ' now finally getting the okay. >> tonight the barber family of maple shade, new jersey is celebrating a major legal and medical victory for their 16 year old daughter jenny. i am so happy. jenny has epilepsy and autismment her family says that medicinal marijuana has helped her tremendously and now after a year of legal battles governorrer christie approved the use of medical marijuana in schools statewide and general any's school, clark in bellmawr, immediately adapted a policy to approve the use of the drug on school grounds. i am super proud of the lack school and their administration because they had the courage to say okay, we have the authority under this law.
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we feel comfortable now and we're going to implement the policy. prior to enacting the bill the school's no marijuana rule was too complicated for the bar beers, jenny only went to school a half a day so her mom could give her the midday dose of the can bus oil. half the battle is won, however the fighting is still fighting to t get the nurse to be the one to administer the drug so jenny's mom doesn't have to be at the school each and every day. we want the medicine to her at school. she gives my daughter rectal valium if she has a severe seizure. the medical marijuana has had an up believable effect on her daughter. her every day seizures are only about once a week. jenny is a different person. we're getting to know her for the first time. she talks now in three word sentences. i love mom mom. while the barbers say to have a
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fight administer medical marijuana is still pending they are hopeful that it will be resolved without much of a fight. tonight they're focused on a major win not only for jenny, but children across the countriment jennifer joist, fox 29 news. > another arrest at a school sectioning scandal in the easton school district. today we learned this all started after a relationship between two teensenned badly. a 13 year old middle girl was convinced by her then boyfriend to send some sexy pictures. when the two broke up, the da says the boy sent them to a bunch of their friends. that's when the cyber bullying started. they went after her online. they went after her on social immediate y. they went after her in school as well. they isolated her. they made fun of her. they did everything they could to make her live hell on earth. the victim released a statement telling victims of bullying to ask for help. the da says kids need to know
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it's illegal to transmit these images. police are investigating two reports of a man exposing himself with both incidents apparently happening at the same apartment complex. fox 29's joann pennsylvania pledge i is at new castle police headquarters. indecent exposure isn't the only reason police want this guy. >>reporter: that's right, they don't know when this guy might make his next move and what it could be, whether it will be more than exposing himself and that is why the police want to catch this guy and so do the residents and, of course, the victim. put h him where he belongs. he needs help, obviously. he is a sick. that's the feeling around her at this apartment complex in wilmington. two separate times we had what appears to be the same suspect outside of victims' windows or their doors, sliding glass doors
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and exposing himself. it happened twice tot same vic i am t. a young woman who lives in the first floor apartment with her father, the suspect first exposed himself on her patio two weeks ago. this week he was back, this time touching himself on the porch. we're worried. it's happened a couple times. the victim screamed. her dad was sleeping in room and came running. were you here when it happened or not. >> yeah, she shouted for me and i came out and he was gone. i looked all around, but he was gone. she said she called the police. an investigation is still continuing and it doesn't appear that the suspect targeted this particular victim. neighbors like mary rosenberg are scared, too. the victim warned her to be careful. she says don't go out no more at night. i refuse to anymore. i got a little dog, but he can wait until the morning. mary is so scared she doesn't
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want to take her dog out tonight or until the police catch this guy. the victim described the suspect as wearing a black bandana covers most of his face except for his eyes. he was wearing all black clothing. he was five eight to five ten inches tall. he is light brown skin, either hispanic or black and police are urging residents if they see anyone suspicious in the area of north wilmington police to call 911. we are live at the new castle police headquarters. > back to you in the studio. tomorrow marks one month since the k9 team found three year old brendan ceo yacht owe's body in the woods. authorities still haven't said how he stopped on october 13. toxicology reports have yet to reveal much. a family attorney says he believes no foul play was involved in the boy's death. he isn't commenting on a grand
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jury investigation. have you ever seen this out of your window of your plane. they are mid thought what an alert passenger saw on the wing before the flight crew even knew anything was wrong. i woke up about 30 or 40 feet from the train on a pile of rocks. my clothes were ripped off. a passenger sitting near him killed when an amtrak train ran off the tracks in philadelphia. he survived, the two words he's waiting to hear. and this woman, arrested after getting locked out of her car. police say they found duct tape in her backseat. he bet me upment he's beating me. help me. he's beating me. we showed you this traffic stop in south jersey that turned ugly fast. the mayor says he didn't know about it. who he wanted to talk to after seeing our report. and beautiful works of art created by some with severe
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for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant. it has been six months since the deadly crash of amtrak train 188 in port richmond. eight passengers died. more than 200 were hurt. tonight fox 29's dave shat riser talks to one of the passengers who survived but with catastrophic injuries. he has new details into one of the investigation in one of the worse railroad accidents in philadelphia history. >> i woke up about 30 or 40 feet
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from the train on a pile of rocks. my clothes were ripped off. i couldn't see out of my right eye and i couldn't move my legs. i laid there yelling for help. bob huh it has expectancy the last six months bravely fighting through the catastrophic injuries he suffered when he wases thrown from amtrak train 188 after it careened off the tracks last may. several people in the medical profession refer to me as a miracle. six months after the derailment, the 57 year old h huh it is still recovering from 27 rib fractures a lacerated kidney and a collapsed lung. he spent six weeks in a coma and months in a rehab center. hewitt is wondering why no action has been taken against amtrak engineer brandon boss in a. >> he should be held actable. this is all his doing.
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when amtrak train 188 barreled into that sweeping curve back on may 12, there was only one person controlling the speeding train, 32 year old brandon boss in a. investigators say paucity and wasn't texting, e-mailing or talking on his cellphone. fox 29 has now learned that he wasn't on drunk or on drugs, either. he was simply driving the train twice the speed limit. it was a malicious al act. he had a train that was going 108 miles around the curve. hisç conduct is outrageous and reckless. seconds before the fatal crash the ntsb says he was frantically trying to slow the train down. the train was traveling at 106 miles per hour. why was paucity and traveling so fast, why didn't he start to slow down earlier and exactly
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what happened in the seconds leading up to the crash are still a mystery. the ntsb and philadelphia police are still investigating. brand and bosian isn't talking. the only thing he is saying he doesn't remember. how do you not remember. how do you not know what you're doing. many of our clients are very upset that mr. bostian has this sudden memory loss. we are skeptical when people all of a sudden have amnesia. tom kline and robert monk loose ohio represent some of the passengers that were injured and those that were killed. some of them should have been on the radio telling him he's got to slow down. i've heard nothing as far as why he was going that fast. and while brandon bostnain has told investigators he doesn't
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what happened, he hasn't told criminal investigators anything. we've been waiting for him to come in, but he has failed to do so far. the first person he communicated with seconds after the train was a female passenger. kline says bostian loaned his phone to the passenger to call her father. it speaks to the fact that he was alert, that he was competent, that he was making decisions, that he was fully in control. they was able to define and locate his phone. he was able to exit the locomotive. he called # 11 himself. he was able to give his phone to another passenger. he told investigator he was dazed. he had a gash on his head that later required 15 staples. nonetheless, he calmly reported the crash and asked for help. but never identified himself as the train's engineer. everything that he did and was seen doing after this is not
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reflective of somebody who suffered a brain injury and has amnesia. we wanted to ask paucity and about all of this so we traveled to new york last month, to forest hills just off queens boulevard. we spent an entire there with no sign of him who is on unpaid leave from amtrak. no one answered the buzzer at his apartment, but neighbors told us he still lives therement our trip to new york ended still without answers from bostian. i have to tell you his claim of amnesia has so offended those victims because they think he's playing a game. at the bare minimum we have here conduct which was recklessly indifferent to the safety of the passengers. the ntsb has already said there were no problems with the track, the location could he motive or its brakes. in essence, no mechanical failures that would have caused
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the derailment. the focus has been on the engineer. it is the engineer's responsibility. all this leads us back tot families of the eight people who died that night, as well as the 200 passengers who were injured. 70 are already suing amtrak and bostian looking for answers. the question is when will they get them. he definitely acted recklessly. i'm fortunate he enough to be alive. there are eight people that weren't. and i'm going to be living with physical limitations for the rest of my life. i have health issues for the rest of my life. bob huh it also believes that the crash could have been prevented had amtrak installed the positive train control braking system. the ntsb is expected to issue a preliminary report in the next several weeks. in the meantime, the lawyer for
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brandon bosntian return our calls. dave shat riser, fox 29 news. > wearing his unoral to veteran's day. the only problem police say he's not in the military. what officers say he was carrying when they arrested him. arrested for driving drunk with her four year old in the car. what was stuck under her su you that had drivers calling the cops. plus, put your cache way, the major restaurant chain that's now saying stop tipping our servers.
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sincerely, elizabeth trackler. fellow working mom and fellow citizen.
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disclosure doctors doctors look what a passenger saw outside their plane. that is fuel leaking. passengers flagged own a flight attendant. this was going from chattanooga to dallas. the captain came out of the pilot and decided to make an emergency landing in alabama. he would never have guessed what he stumbled upon a young mom who locked her keys in the car. wes of once he got her keys, he
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spotted her boy with masking tape around his hands, his mouth and his feet. police arrested the man. she faces a number of child abuse charges. the child is fine tonight and with child protective services. > a murder mystery in indianapolis is making national headlines. a pastor's wife shot and killed inside the couple's home. authorities believe 28 year old amanda blackburn was killed during can a home invasion on tuesday. the couple's one year old was found in the on. he was not hurt h. she was 12 weeks pregnant with another child. dave i blackburn told police he was at the gym at the time of the invasion. it's a horrific crime obviously. homicide in any manner is horrific. this one has required a lot more resources and our detectives are following up on several leads
10:26 pm
and falling up on information. > police say they have ruled out blackburn's dave i as a suspect. investigators are looking for connections to other recent crimes that happened tuesday morning, including a burglary that happened just a few houses down from the blackburn's home. police have a newses conference scheduled for tomorrow morning. a dad is in a panic. his children had just called saying their home is on fire. they're inside. the life and death moment he had trying to get to them. at a traffic stop in south jersey turns ugly fast. the mare says he he didn't even know about it. who he wanted to talk to after seeing our report. kathy? >> the colder air is moving in, but the wind is the big story first. winds gusting to 50 miles an hour to our west. what this means for us come tomorrow morning coming up. > fox 29 news at 10 is sponsored by cadillac. visit a philadelphia tri-state cadillac dealer. opportunity has no
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man ma'am, open the car. he's hitting me. he's hitting me. help me, jesus, he's hitting me.
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now the mayor of bridgeton, new jersey wants to know a lot more about one physical police stop in his community last march. he learned about what happened just today when he watched our fox 29 investigates report. jeff has the fall out from his first story we first saw last night. >>reporter: open the door. i'm going to break the window. the dash cam video captures the police stop on march 31, 2015. patrolman chain source and another officer approached mar role a lawson's car after another officer runs her plate and learns her registration is suspended. rerefuses to open the door. sir is seen trying to smashç te rear window. lawson calls 911. he is trying to break my window.
10:31 pm
i just saw the video and it's nothing to be proud of. > bridgeton's mayor watched the fox 29 investigates report just before we showed up to ask questions. he says he feels for lawson. >> but he did not want anyone to be uncomfortable when they talk to a police officer, so -- in that sense, yes. the officer thought he was doing what he was supposed to do. kelly says he didn't know the incident had occurred before our report, but now he'll speak with the police chief. you're under arrest. stop resisting. you are under arrest. he's beating me. help me, jesus, he's beating me. back in march, lawson and sore struggled in the car. she's hit with pepper spray, pulled from the car and forced to the pavement.
10:32 pm
greg chef is lawson's civil attorney. whether he targeted her or not, he didn't give her any opportunity, any opportunity whatsoever to be safe. lawson charged with resisting arrest and other offenses faces a criminal trial in a week. > what do you make of them criminally charging you. >> i think it's not fair that they're doing it. source and the other officers have been cleared of criminal violations, but bridgeton's chief says an internal affairs probe is underway of this rough and tumble stop and arrest on a city street. > stop resisting. >> i'm not resisting. > you are, put your hands behind your back now. >> they're going behind me. please, jesus. > lawson and sirs history runs back to a 2010 incident in which she was charged with resisting arrest. i was eventually amended to breaking the peace. she paid a fine and sued him. and the city of bridgeton in
10:33 pm
federal court. jeff cole, fox 29 news. > a south jersey man is in jail after police say he in persons nateed a solder on veteran's day. galloway township officers arrested him near pomona road and atlantic avenue yesterday. on veteran's day they say michael porter identified himself as a member of the us u army. he had a portable radio capable of picking up police and emergency frequencies. of all things. >> we got a big ole storm heading our way. we have a cold front moving on through. that's bringing the winds of change. the winds already gusting in center city philadelphia. it is quiet, but come tomorrow morning everything why ising to be shaking. cold air lagging behind the front. the high temperature 61, looking at the trend bottoming out saturday but then temperatures
10:34 pm
rising again. it's going to get cold really fast over the course of the even. already 47 in the pocono mown instance, but they are seeing winds gust to 30 miles an hour. philadelphia seeing some heavy wind as well. the blue is the cold it will be invading during the overnight hours and the winds will be picking up as well. these are the current wind gusts throughout the northeast. in philadelphia gusting to 26 miles an hour. williamstown port 27, in buffalo, new york, winds are gusting to 43 miles per hour. this is the trend that will be moving east. pittsburgh, winds will be gusting to 30. tomorrow a bad hair day, on the cool side, very, very windy. the center of the storm moves up into canada. we see the front with clearing sky. a few lake effect spring also possible to the north and west of the city and then the cold air filters on in with morning lows on sat only in the 30s. temperatures moderate somewhat, but even on sunday morning.
10:35 pm
morning lows will be in the 30s. overnight tonight, 48, in the the suburbs 42 with winds gusting to 40 miles an hour. tomorrow those winds could go to tropical storm strength. a high temperature only 56. by the time the birds kick off on sunday at 1:00 at the link it will be pretty calm, lots of sunshine, temperatures in the mid-50s. by the end of the game it will actually warm to 57. it looks like it's going to be a nice day at the link. so windy for friday, chilly for saturday. that's when we really bottom out temperature wise. warming up by monday and look at these temperatures on the extended forecast. nice for wednesday and then thursday a chance of a shower. highs in the mid 60s could make it up into the upper 60s. certainly not feeling like mid to late november. that's a look at the seven-day guys. thank you, kathy. it may not look like it, but a guy in this video was in serious trouble. a bartender does next that saves
10:36 pm
his life. what are you guys doing? it's my house. >> no, it's not. it's my neighbors. they picked the wrong house to break into. how a neighbor stopped these guys in their tracks. good evening, everybody getting ready for a thursday night construction crew and early tomorrow morning you're going to find the crews working out here along 422 down to one lane at trooper beginning at 9:00. so that's the time to beat tomorrow morning. they're also going to be working tomorrow and through the weekend along i95 year the cottman avenue interchange so expect some lane restrictions and if you use septa's lansdale line a new schedule starts monday so make sure you grab a new timetable tomorrow so you're good to go for the rush hour. it all starts tomorrow bright and early at 4 a. we'll see you
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a bar customer in trouble in california. look at him getting up and walking around. he is choking on a hamburger. but help is not far away. look at that bar, the bartender hospitals the bar, starts giving
10:40 pm
him the i'm like maneuver, took four tries but that burger finally came loose. > no, joe's crab shack is jumping on board. the national chain testing a no tipping policy at 18 of it's locations. menu prices will probably go up 12 to 15 a percent. the chain says it's going to pay its wait staff more for lack of tips. you my want to check how many spa ghettos you have in your cupboard. campbell's is recalling cans. they have an expiration date of february 22, 2017. the recall comes because of a potential choking hazard from red plastic lining found in a small number of cans. customers can return them to the store for a full refund. a father in washington d.c. got a call that made his house drop. his home was in fire. >> and his cars were inside. not even a car accident on the way home could stop him.
10:41 pm
> carlos pedestrian grew says he was at a parent-teacher conference when he got a terrifying call from his 13 year old daughter. she told him his house was on fire just as his phone died. erased out of that meeting, got in his car and drove him, but on the way his car flipped over at an intersection a few blocks away. he crawled out and ran a half mile to get his children. > they would swim across the deepest ocean to get there and that's exactly what he did. that's all i really care about, my family. pet grew's kids did make it out of that house safely and were waiting for him on the front lawn. arrested for drunk driving with her four year old in her car. what was stuck under her suv that other drivers calling the cops. creative works of art by some with physical challenges. what is bringing their ceo eight
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tift to live. just press clean and let roomba help with your everyday messes.
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> what you guys doing? >> it's our house. > no, it's not. it's my neighbor's house. the police are coming right now. > thank goodness this neighbor was home. next door an alarm went off, but
10:45 pm
the homeowner was out of town. he got the alert. he called 911 and the neighbor you just called who happens to be an air force vet. they dropped and they took over. police in michigan pull over a woman after witnesses saw her weaving all over the road even taking out some traffic cones that were stuck under her s. >> what did you have to drink today, ma'am. >> nothing. > are you sure? >> you have slurry speech. > i guess she was. she asked her to get out and do a sobriety test. >> guess what, she failed. her blood alcohol test showed she was four times the legal limit. inside the car with her, her four year old son. the police brought tot little boy to the police station where he he was picked up by his dad. they arrested the mom for driving with suspected license and drunk driving. by the way, this was her third
10:46 pm
dui. > guessing you have never heard this one before, a stand offç n phoenix where police say they were after a guy for shoplifting. he refuse climbed on a of look and refused on come down until he got what he he wanted, that was three jelly filled donuts and a bottle of milk. they went to a nearby dunkin' donuts, picked up the snack and had the man surrender. some local artists are turning heads on using innovative tools and techniques and surprising those in the art world in a big way. united cerebral palsy of philadelphia is giving people a chance to unleash the artist within. can you move back a little bit? >> ray now thompson is working on an impressive and colorful painting. > how is that now. >> okay. > the 6 year old has cerebral palsy and an intellectual
10:47 pm
disability, but that's not stopping him from creating a powerful peace. >> the leaves, the ocean and the trees. > he is using artistic or art to swirl and spin the paint across the canvas. >> art gives people with severe physical challenges a way to express themselves. he ways a head ban with a laser attach. he uses the laser by moving his head to show an assistant with a tractor exactly where he wants the paint ting why. the individual choses the colors, how they're mixed, the canvas, everything. just a simple nod of the head or a yes or no to the tractor's questions and a painting is created one brush stroke at a time. i get in a zone of following the laser in the techniques of art
10:48 pm
and completely stay out of it. they just lead the way. ry medical is one of about 20 people at united cerebral palsy of philadelphia who are part of the alt program here. they get to paint once a week. every tuesday they get to transsend their physical limitations and let themselves go. i love it. i love how it feels. it's my favorite thing to do. it's been a hit from day one. the art wrist has control of this from start to finish. and so, yeah, they're empowered. they get a chance to be creative and kind of let their inner thoughts come out on con vast. > none of the aureus have had any formal instruction, no art theory, no nothing. it's all coming from within. some of the people we work with, you feel the artist in them. it comes so natural and what comes out is amazing. > i like to paint.
10:49 pm
red, purpose, green, yellow. i'm creative. > as the artist see use the laser to paint some mind blowing master pieces, the man behind it, tim lesson is close at hand. the reason i come so much is because the potential is gigantic. he came up with the technique more than 20 years ago after showing some of his artwork to people with disabilities at an art center. he was determined to get them to paint even if they couldn't talk or hold a paint brush. there's a lot of power in painting. billyville last feels that power. art is will i be rating for him. painting has changed his world. this is one of his framed finished pieces and yes, billy and others have had plenty of offers to sell their work.
10:50 pm
it makes me happy. people will want to buy. people want to see. they want to know how did i do it. > how does that make you feel right now. >> pretty good. > the most beautiful thing is that they're unguided. iconly time lesson started teaching this technology not too long after learning of his own disabling condition. he has a degenerative retina which has left him legally blind. his vision for his students is bright. we don't interfere with them, we just give them the keys to the far regard i and that's what comes out. art has close to 30 programs going on nationwide. some of the artwork is so outstanding it's garnered high
10:51 pm
praise from renowned art experts and is being exhibited at new york museums and galleries. there's even been bidding wars over a few pieces. united cerebral palsy of philadelphia is helping to expand this program to include children. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. > well done. ucpf is in the process of trying to raise the money to make all this happen. for more go to our website, fox outstanding. > a great story. >> howard is here to talk about not the eagles, the cowboys. they are a bad bunch of guys. > got to rain on somebody. >> they do it to themselves. the l dallas cowboy season is going down the drain. when that happens bad people on the team start to become -- here comes a vision blowout in the locker room. that will be coming up in sports just press clean and let roomba help with your everyday messes.
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how does it feel what has happened to the flyers they look nothing like a good hockey team right now. heck, i think people would settle for an average team. the flyers have only one win in their last ten games and steve mason is back in goal. let's go tot wells fargo centerment the flyers tied at 1-1 on the second period. on the power play, it caused a shot for the flyers 2-1.
10:55 pm
rux. he's what. it's 3-26789 you have to send a calling card. the problem with this calling card is not objection to the form did they lose this fight, they lost the game 5-2. the flyers head coach thinks the obvious. i'm concerned with -- i'm concerned. that's it. bottom line. we're going to go back to work tomorrow and work as hard as we can to make sure we push things in the right direction. dave, let me tell you, i'm concerned, too. the eagles changed their practice times because of the weather to get a full practice in and back on the field, safety malcolm jenkins has been cleared by doctors after suffering a concussion on sunday night against dallas. jenkins admits he had on the play on the second quarter, the procedure is the player would be checked before he can reenter the game, but jenkins never told
10:56 pm
anybody until after the game. i like a player that is tough and that wants to stay on the team. but in the case of a concussion. >> i never had a concussion before, but i figured this is one of them. i kind of made my own decision to especially could it to myself. it probably wasn't a smart won. luckily nothing really happened from it. we talked to him afterwards about that. he has to keep the coaches and the medical staff informed and his health and safety is number one priority for us. bad guys do bad things. how about the dallas cowboys today and december bryant. if you're going to report something, report it right. go report that. finish the games. excuse me. get it right.
10:57 pm
beep. how about you damn right, man. he rips his pr guy, a leopard never changes his spots. we are wearing purple today because tomorrow is world pancreatic cancer day. raising awareses. everybody, have a good night. i don't want to live with
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>> today on tmz... >> justin bieber got destroyed on veterans day by big & rich. they have a young marine up there. then rich takes the mike. he goes -- >> justin is the [bleep]. [laughter] >> he could never approach what a marine does. >> he does a lot of charity. some of it is court-ordered but some of it is not. ha ha! yeah. >> christina milian, we say, um, did you see country music star jason aldean? >> jason aldean came dressed for halloween. >> what does that mean? >> if you admire the person that you're dressing up as, then it's okay to come as black face. >> so i could go dressed as martin luther king? >> if that's what you meant, yes. but i dare you to try it! >> i have a dream. >> so "who is fancy," performing on "dancing with the stars," he has a song called "boys like you."


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